Flashmob “Body in Crisis”


Dearest friends
We are sending a call to dance with you all again.

In this time of CRISIS we want to let the body speak for us.
Personally I am wordless in front of this Age, where Society is pushing us to adapt, transform and deforme our natural beings fast as we can no…t ! Our protest it’s the manifestation of our Body !

So, dearest dancers all around on this planet

“All power of civilized morality, hand in hand with the system of capitalist economy and its political institutions, is fiercely opposed to the use of the body simply as an end, means and instruments of pleasure. In a society focused on the production, use of non-profit body, which I call Butō dance, is a mortal enemy that must be taboo ”
Tatsumi Hijikata

Why the 15 of May :

The Flashmob will take place the 15 of MAY, it is the day of the beginning of 15M movement , the day that people decides to manifest theirs indignation in front of the capitalistic system by taking the street all around the world.

Where ever you are, JOIN US !

*we will share an account for posting pictures and videos.

Queridos amigos
Estamos enviando una llamada a danzar unidos de nuevo.

En estos momentos de Crisis queremos dejar que el Cuerpo hable por nosotros. Personalmente, estoy sin palabras frente a esta edad, donde la Sociedad actual nos está llevando a adaptar, transformar y deformar nuestros seres naturales más rápido de lo que podemos soportar !

Nuestra protesta es la manifestación de nuestro cuerpo, por lo que, queridos bailarines al rededor del mundo : Bailemos Unidos una vez más!

“Todo el poder de la moralidad civilizada, de la mano con el sistema de la economía capitalista y sus instituciones políticas, se opone ferozmente a la utilización del cuerpo, simplemente como un fin, medio e instrumento de placer. En una sociedad centrada en la producción, el uso del cuerpo sin fines de lucro , lo que yo llamo la danza Buto, es un enemigo mortal que debe ser tabú ”
Tatsumi Hijikata

Porqué el 15 de Mayo:

El flashmob se convoca para realizarse el 15 de Mayo 2012. El 15 de MAyo es el día en el que mucha gente al rededor del mundo decidió tomar la calle para manifestar su indignación y desaprobación frente al Sistema Capitalista, el día del comienzo del Movimiento 15M.

Donde quiera que se encuentren, partecipen !

*Abriremos una cuneta para compartir fotografías y video.


Acerca de Valentina Ferraro

Born in Palermo 25 October 1981. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV (Spain) where through various disciplines such as painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography and video, has maintained a common unity to her research and interests for the metamorphosis of forms. She developed her research through performance focusing on the body as a primary matter, and most direct way to express herself artistically. Her encounter with the world of butoh is finally the key to continuing this research on the body and its perpetual mutation, more and more in connection with the Soul and the Origin. Trained in butoh from 2002, first with Sayoko Onishi (New-butoh) then with various choreographers such as Marie Gabrielle Rotie, Imre Thormann (butoh and Noguchi Taiso), Masaki Iwana, Ken Maï, Sachiko Ishikawa, Gyohei Zaitsu, Atsushi Takenouchi (Jinen butoh), Yukio Waguri and Yoshito Ohno. She creates different choreographies as "Mi feminino" (solo 2005), "Upside-down Flower" (solo, 2006), "Yokai" (Octuor 2008, for "Collapse Art" company, Nancy),"kotodama" (solo, 2009), "Kamigami No Si" (trio 2010, presented at the festival "Obuxofest 2010"), "So(S)ciety" (solo 2011, submitted in Butoh festival Barcelona, “GO!C!ART@Cargo” Festival in Basel and “Festival Danza di Cinfine” in Sarzana). In 2006 she founded "Nanae :: production" and organizes conferences, workshops, performances and meetings of various kinds, related to the dance-theater, in collaboration with different international artists. During the last years in Spain, has conducted regular courses of butoh dance and soft gymnastics. In 2010 she started collaborating with the Cie "Orian Theatre" directed by Mehdi Farajpour. And along with Frederic Le Salle founded the " Cie Mangeur de Lune". Contact: - nanae.butoh@gmail.com - 0039-3384216560
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