After working together for one Month in Italy (July 2011), these performers reunite for one week (17-24 March 2012) in Freiburg to offer 4 Butoh dance workshops and a night of butoh performances in the „Nuage Fou“, a theater for the promotion of Butoh dance and Art directed by the company „Nuage Fou.“

4 Workshops (4 hours each) are scheduled for the first weekend, with 2 workshops on Saturday, March 17th, and 2 workshops on Sunday, March 18th. And there will be one performance night, presented in Freiburg on Friday the. 23rd of March in the “Nuage Fou”. The full details of this to be announced in the near future.


Am Sa 17. & So 18. März 2012

Butoh Workshops im “Nuage Fou” 4×4 Stunden
Samstag & Sonntag 11h – 15h & 16h – 20h
Flavia Ghisalberti (CH), Lucie Betz (FR),
Alex Ruhe (USA), Frédéric Le Salle (FR)

1×4 Std. 30 €/ 2×4 Std. 55 €/ 3×4 Std. 80 €/ 4×4 Std. 100 €

Anmeldung & Infos: Lucie Betz. Tel: 0761 1373504 @mail: lucielemonnier@hotmail.com
Max. 15 Teilnehmer pro Workshop/ Anzahlung in bar beim workshop bezahlen.


Am Freitag 23. März 2012 um 20 Uhr.

Butoh Performances im “Nuage Fou”
Mit Jessica Schmidt (FR), Flavia Ghisalberti (CH),Alex Ruhe (USA), Frédéric Le Salle (FR), Valentina Ferraro (IT), Olivier Raymond (FR), Antoine Carle (FR) & Lucie Betz (FR).

10 € / 8 € ermäßigt

Infos: Lucie Betz. Tel: 0761 1373504 @mail: lucielemonnier@hotmail.com

Im “Nuage Fou” (A.K.), Theater für Butoh-Tanz & Kunst

Companie “Nuage Fou” | Lutherkirchstr. 1 | 79106 Freiburg
Straßenbahn: Linie 5 | Haltestelle: Friedrich-Ebert-Platz
Infos: Lucie Betz | lucielemonnier@hotmail.com | Tel: 0049 (0)761 1373504

Acerca de Valentina Ferraro

Born in Palermo 25 October 1981. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV (Spain) where through various disciplines such as painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography and video, has maintained a common unity to her research and interests for the metamorphosis of forms. She developed her research through performance focusing on the body as a primary matter, and most direct way to express herself artistically. Her encounter with the world of butoh is finally the key to continuing this research on the body and its perpetual mutation, more and more in connection with the Soul and the Origin. Trained in butoh from 2002, first with Sayoko Onishi (New-butoh) then with various choreographers such as Marie Gabrielle Rotie, Imre Thormann (butoh and Noguchi Taiso), Masaki Iwana, Ken Maï, Sachiko Ishikawa, Gyohei Zaitsu, Atsushi Takenouchi (Jinen butoh), Yukio Waguri and Yoshito Ohno. She creates different choreographies as "Mi feminino" (solo 2005), "Upside-down Flower" (solo, 2006), "Yokai" (Octuor 2008, for "Collapse Art" company, Nancy),"kotodama" (solo, 2009), "Kamigami No Si" (trio 2010, presented at the festival "Obuxofest 2010"), "So(S)ciety" (solo 2011, submitted in Butoh festival Barcelona, “GO!C!ART@Cargo” Festival in Basel and “Festival Danza di Cinfine” in Sarzana). In 2006 she founded "Nanae :: production" and organizes conferences, workshops, performances and meetings of various kinds, related to the dance-theater, in collaboration with different international artists. During the last years in Spain, has conducted regular courses of butoh dance and soft gymnastics. In 2010 she started collaborating with the Cie "Orian Theatre" directed by Mehdi Farajpour. And along with Frederic Le Salle founded the " Cie Mangeur de Lune". Contact: - nanae.butoh@gmail.com - 0039-3384216560
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