6month Jinen Butoh // condotto da Atsushi Takenouchi

Butoh 6month course with Atsushi Takenouchi at Spazio NU 



The 1st; Oct25-26 <Inside and outside > 第一回 <内と外> Butoh with the sense of space, the consciousness to exterior and the internal sense of life phenomenon. Internal sense; breath, internal organs, spine. External sense; sense of space, parallel sense, sensory, tacticle, visual. To dissolve the wall between the inside and the outside of the self of here and now, soul dresses the body, dresses the space and the landscape.



<English version below>
6 Mesi Corso di danza Butoh in Pontedera Italy
Jinen Butoh condotto da Atsushi Takenouchi
musica dal vivo di Hiroko Komiya
da Ottobre 2014 ad Aprile 2015

evento finale: Festival di danza Butoh, con performance dei partecipanti, di Atsushi Takenouchi e altri invitati.

Ottobre 25- 26
Novembre 22 – 23
Dicembre 27-28 + optional Dec 29-31
Gennaio 31-Febbraio 1
Febbraio 28-Mar1
Aprile 17-19

Ogni mese un weekend di workshop con orario:
sabato 13-20 domenica 10-18
(posti limitati, la priorità andrà ai partecipanti dell’intero percorso)

Aprile 2015- serata butoh : solo performance dei partecipanti + solo Atsushi Takenouchi + ospiti

Dicembre 2014 : 29-31 butoh+ contact improvisation

Atsushi Takenouchi
Ha fatto parte della compagnia di danza butoh “Hoppo-Butoh-ha”, in Hokkaido dal 1980 al 1984. L’ultimo suo lavoro con la compagnia “Takazashiki” è stato coreografato dal fondatore del butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata. Dal 1986 ha iniziato a sviluppare il suo stile di danza butoh, che ha chiamato Jinen butoh: Jinen è la vita in ogni cosa, organica e non, il jinen butoh è una forza che danza con il tutto. Crea e danza i soli “Tanagokoro”, “Ginkan”, “Itteri”, come universale espressione della natura, della terra, dei tempi remoti, danzando le sue impressioni nell’istante presente, attraverso tutto l’ambiente che lo circonda. Dall’autunno dell 2002, ha fatto dell’Europa la sua base di lavoro, iniziando a lavorare con workshop, performance solo e di gruppo: Polonia, Italia, Francia, Spagna, Olanda, Germania, Russia, Usa, Canada, Alaska, sono alcuni dei paesi che hanno ospitato il suo lavoro.

Hiroko Komiya
Vocalist, percussionista, usa strumenti e materiali naturali.
Dal 1999 accompagna Atsushi nelle sue performance e workshop e parallelamente collabora con gruppi e artisti come Lena Circus, Maki Watanabe, Kazuya Nagaya e altri.

Per info e prenotazioni:
tel. +39 0587 54 634, +39 329.09.08.119, +39 349.13.71.631
email: spazionu@gmail.com, info@spazionu.com


Spazio NU -via Firenze 42/A – 56025 Pontedera (PI)
6 month course – monthly JINEN Butoh weekend start from October 2014

JINEN Butoh 6 month course (Oct 2014 – Apr 2015 ) 
Oct 25- 26, 2014 ( Sat – Sun )
Nov 22 – 23 (Sat-Sun)
Dec 27-28 (Sat -Sun) + optional Dec 29-31 (mon-wed)
2015 Jan 31-Feb1 (Sat-Sun)
Feb 28-Mar1 (Sat-Sun)
Apr 17-19 (Fri-Sun 3days)
Sat /13–20, Sun/10-18 – every months 1 weekend

-For this course, number of place is limited. Priority is 6 month monthly participants.
-We can prepare accommodation 5 euros/day, food 15 euros/3meals/day (vegetarian meal) .
-On the final April2015, each solo performance by participants, and Atsushi Takenouchi solo and guests performance in Butoh festival.
– December optional dates; Dec 29-31 will be Butoh + contact improvisation class + acrobatic class combination.
And let’s make countdown celebration dance together!

* For more detailed info like price, registration, work exchange, please contact Spazio NU.

6 months – Plants bloom the flower, bear fruits, and give seeds. Each person’s dance, each existence of body, each movement is also transforming through this 6 months.
We would like to share and spend this process, this opportunity together.
Finding your inner movements and connecting them with your Butoh dance.
This is the work of blooming flower.
Next, you once make withered the full energy from flower, and mature it.
Then extract your own Butoh movement and condense into one seed.
This one seed is your own Butoh piece.
Through extracting, condensing, you will meet the most important Butoh element for you.
This is the work of producing seeds.
Seeds of plant is a gift of flower life to the next generation of nature. In other words, it is a gift to nature, to the universe, to return all your life.
Audience receive this gift. What the audience want to see ultimately is the truth of your life that will not hide.
This is a single flower that bloomed in a moment on the stage from the seed of you.

—6 themes of this course —
The 1st – <Inside and outside >
Create into Butoh with the sense of space, the consciousness to exterior and the internal sense of life phenomenon. Internal sense; breath, internal organs, spine. External sense; sense of space, parallel sense, sensory, tacticle, visual. To dissolve the wall between the inside and the outside of the self of here and now, soul dresses the body, dresses the space and the landscape.

The 2nd < The memory of life and transformation >
– Think about time until today which has started from the Big Bang. If the time until now is a growth of huge single tree, we might be a leaf of the tip of a branch. This tree was a stone, wind, insect, fish, sea, the earth, moon. One leaf forget that this huge tree is a body of its own. All the memory stays within our body.

The 3rd < Light and shadow>
Growth and decay, night and day, static and dynamic, life and death. As night and day is necessary to all life, opposing these elements exist as of the ins and outs of one life. How we can experience these elements as one.

The 4th< Existence >
Your existence stands on the stage as a life. This is also the ultimate proposition of the performing art. It is to stand as the truth of your life. We will image and start create your own Butoh piece from this work of existence.

The 5th < Seed>
To find a seed from millions of flowers. It means that we extract a seed to create own work from millions of possibility . The important is we once need to face the wither of flower. Through facing death, we will discover seed. In this work, we progress creation and start imagining own costume for your work.

The 6th < A flower >
If the seed is a creation of work, we should transform the seed into a flower in one moment on the stage. You find Butoh here, you find miracle of life on the stage. And this is the truth, and the flower of truth.


Acerca de Valentina Ferraro

Born in Palermo 25 October 1981. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV (Spain) where through various disciplines such as painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography and video, has maintained a common unity to her research and interests for the metamorphosis of forms. She developed her research through performance focusing on the body as a primary matter, and most direct way to express herself artistically. Her encounter with the world of butoh is finally the key to continuing this research on the body and its perpetual mutation, more and more in connection with the Soul and the Origin. Trained in butoh from 2002, first with Sayoko Onishi (New-butoh) then with various choreographers such as Marie Gabrielle Rotie, Imre Thormann (butoh and Noguchi Taiso), Masaki Iwana, Ken Maï, Sachiko Ishikawa, Gyohei Zaitsu, Atsushi Takenouchi (Jinen butoh), Yukio Waguri and Yoshito Ohno. She creates different choreographies as "Mi feminino" (solo 2005), "Upside-down Flower" (solo, 2006), "Yokai" (Octuor 2008, for "Collapse Art" company, Nancy),"kotodama" (solo, 2009), "Kamigami No Si" (trio 2010, presented at the festival "Obuxofest 2010"), "So(S)ciety" (solo 2011, submitted in Butoh festival Barcelona, “GO!C!ART@Cargo” Festival in Basel and “Festival Danza di Cinfine” in Sarzana). In 2006 she founded "Nanae :: production" and organizes conferences, workshops, performances and meetings of various kinds, related to the dance-theater, in collaboration with different international artists. During the last years in Spain, has conducted regular courses of butoh dance and soft gymnastics. In 2010 she started collaborating with the Cie "Orian Theatre" directed by Mehdi Farajpour. And along with Frederic Le Salle founded the " Cie Mangeur de Lune". Contact: - nanae.butoh@gmail.com - 0039-3384216560
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